Funded Projects

TiffanyRazzano Florida Bookstore Day (2014)
Tiffany Razzano’s literary event series, Wordier Than Thou, received support for the first annual Florida Bookstore Day, scheduled for November 15, 2014. Read more about Tiffany’s project and Tampa Bay’s burgeoning literary scene in Creative Loafing. Photo by Chip Weiner.
uc_pong_1 Pong In the Park (2014)
The Urban Conga’s Ryan Swanson will create Pong In the Park, a permanent steel ping-pong table for free public use in Lykes Gaslight Square Park in downtown Tampa. Paddles and balls available at Urban Juice (510 N Franklin St) with $10 deposit. Read more at Tampa Downtown Partnership, ABC Action News, and 83DegreesMedia.
grant 6 - GMF Gasparilla Music Festival (Grant #6)
The Gasparilla Music Festival received the first Awesome Tampa Bay microgrant for 2013. Awesome Tampa Bay sponsored a stage for bands at Tibbetts’ Corner during the festival.
Read more about the event in Creative Loafing.
grant 5 - Art Machine
Art Vending Machine (Grant #5)
Daniel Markovich is bringing art to the public with his art vending machines. He makes use of old sticker vending machines and instead include prints, sticker art and photography from local artists.
Learn more about Daniel’s project in 83DegreesMedia.
grant 4 - AbleNook AbleNook (Grant #4)
AbleNook is a project of Ybor City Architect Sean Verdecia. The collapsible, easy-to-build dwelling units are a humanitarian solution fit for providing housing after natural disasters, expansions and even small medical facilities.
Learn more about Daniel’s AbleNook in the Tampa Bay Times.
Bomb the Medians (Grant #3)
Bomb the Medians is a project of Ken Cowart. That is, use flower seed bombs to plant flowers along Tampa’s major corridors and primarily at those long red-lights; giving the citizens of Tampa an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers.
Check out an article on Ken in the Tampa Bay Times.
A Reflection to Peace of Mind (Grant #2)
A Reflection to Peace of Mind is a project of Sylvia Albritton, a former teacher who came out of retirement to work with incarcerated youth. She uses creative writing and poetry as a way towards reconciliation and rehabilitation. She got $1,000 to publish a bound anthology of student work for use as a teaching tool.
Check out an article on Sylvia in 83DegreesMedia.
The Birdhouse Buying Club (Grant #1)
The Birdhouse Buying Club is a project designed to make it easier for residents in the low-income neighborhood of Sulpher Springs to get fresh, affordable, locally grown produce. Learn more in the Tampa Bay Times.

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